"We don't produce photography and films, in fact photography and films produce a change in us and our clients. We have yet to finish a project and not look at the world in a new, creative way."



Owner, Cinematographer, Photographer, & Editor

I simply love what I do and am passionate about telling your story! 

I got my start in the world of high-priced photography and film early in life. I was 16 when I started making videos and editing them independently. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Film Production, I was hired at 21 to work as a line producer for international commercials and informercials for a Chicago-based company. I then moved out to Los Angeles at 22 to work at Warner Brothers Studios.  I moved to Austin and had a dream to start my own production company, and I did just that.  I couldn't be happier, and I will never have another "job" in my life.  I LOVE what I do for a living! 


I usually have a camera on me everywhere I go, I'm a bit obsessed. My kids and I live in north Austin TX. We love trying new things, traveling, learning about others stories, and meeting new people. I am extremely friendly and am also way more sarcastic than I should be :)

Romeo + Theo

Are the names of my 2 young boys at home. They are my world, and keep me laughing constantly at the hilarious things they do. If I am not editing or shooting you can catch me at playgrounds, parks, museums, anything to keep us going! I travel for work at least 3x a month. We have family in New York and Mexico so we do travel as a family there often!

My philosophy is simple: Capturing life's moments that are irreversible.

 I am extremely particular when it comes to who I trust with my name on it. My team only consists of people I confide in that will take your special day as seriously as we would take our own.