Mindy   (Marketing, Cinematographer)

Mindy has been working with us as a second shooter since early 2014, and now as our lead.  She is in high demand as clients have already flown her for destination weddings. Mindy has always loved filming and has a variety of videos under her belt, including birth videography, something truely magical! 

Not only is she Lauren's right hand gal but if you couldn't already tell, her younger sister.  They are together everyday working or not and have a relationship that compliments each other well.  

Mindy looks forward to capturing those moments that you will hold on to for a lifetime.  

Alex      (Cinematographer, Editor)

Alex takes a lot of pride in his work.  He strives to capture the perfect moment in every shot.  He is very detail oriented and clients love him!!! 

From a young age, Alex knew he wanted to work in the film industry. He has been involved with photography and videography for the better part of a decade.  Most recently, Alex has been in Asia for over a year capturing the lifestyle, culture, and landscapes. He's excited to bring his talents to Austin, where he can work with his sisters (Lauren and Mindy) in a field that truly calls to him.

Alex will take your idea and with his creative promise, and craft a beautiful image. 

I got my start in the world of high-priced photography and film early in life.   I was 16 when I started making videos and editing them independently. ​After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Film Production, I was hired at 21 to work as a line producer for international commercials and infomercials for a Chicago based company.  I then moved  out to Los Angeles at 22 to work at Warner Brothers Studios.   When the opportunity presented itself to begin my own business, I dropped everything and finally became a professional photographer and videographer full time in Austin, Texas.  

Married in January 2014, I understand a couple's wants and needs.  I cannot imagine how much I would have regretted not having a videographer at my wedding, because you just can't hit the rewind button if you don't hire one.  

​My team consists of my siblings.  We grew up very close and with a love for film.  Since I am the oldest I wrangled up my brother and sister into making silly home videos since we were young.  Since then we studied it in college and now make a living from our hobby.  I am extremely picky when it comes to who I trust with my name on it, and my siblings, are the only ones I can trust will take your special day as seriously as we would our own.  


My philosophy is simple:  Capturing moments in life that are irreversible. 

Lauren    (Owner, Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor)

Photography and films are not something I produce, it's something that produces a change both in myself and my clients. In all my years of shoots, I have yet to finish a project and not look at the world in a creative way.  I have traveled to over 30 countries and 4 continents shooting lifestyle photography and film, and I have yet to turn 30!   I simply love what I do, my passion, is telling your story.